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OSH training innovation powered by VRSENSE

We focus on occupational safety and health training in virtual reality, because we believe that this technology adds tremendous value, is innovative and engages people like no other medium. The complete systems for health and safety training that we build using the Virtual Reality technology are the result of conversations with our clients and our experience. They take into account their specificity, threats and business goals.

Our solutions allow simulating emergency situations, checking evacuation procedures and routes, or analyzing the employee’s behavior in a stressful situation (reaction to an event). In other situations, we focus on proactive security: identifying threats, respecting safety rules by other people, or the proper organization of a construction site. All this is achieved without even entering the production space. Over time, these solutions can evolve, be expanded and updated to meet the needs of your organization.

Meet Our Team

Our mission is to make your company the safest place to work by delivering effective and innovative IT business solutions.

Paweł Piotrowski
Pawel PiotrowskiCo-Founder

I am a business advisor and technological visionary. Thanks to the experience I’ve gained in business analysis, customer service, technical support, computer graphics and visual effects, I am able to deliver technological solutions that make a leap into the future and allow maximum use of new technologies. In my job, I am fascinated by how mathematics, computer graphics and computer science work together to help both people and their businesses realize their visions.

Krzysztof Butkiewicz
Krzysztof ButkiewiczCo-Founder

I am an enthusiast of innovation, continuous improvement, efficient processes and value-added solutions for business. I believe that properly selected and implemented technology can effectively increase competitive advantage, strengthen the brand of the organization or bring other measurable business benefits. Combining my experience in business consulting, implementation of solutions for commercial organizations, passion for technology and new media, I want to create solutions for our customers which set them ahead of their competitors and create market standards.

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